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 Primary school workshop - making South African flowers


If you have a school project coming up, especially if it is related to plants and natural forms, I can offer workshops to get you going.
This can either be in the form of a teachers workshop, to give you lots of useful technical info, good products to use, how to repair, etc etc, or a childrens workshop to start them off and show them lots of different ways to form and decorate the clay.
A combination of the two workshops usually works well especially if the budgets are tight as the teacher can continue with the project with the relevant information to hand.
I have a PGCE and plenty of teaching experience.
Contact me through this website for further details.


Work Experience

Once or twice a year I can offer a work experience opportunity. This would usually run for 2-4 weeks, and would be at my studio in Normandy. You would help me with general studio work, glaze making, modelling etc, and I would be able to give you some throwing classes etc. I would also provide food and accomodation.
If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me through this website.

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  1. frances doherty avatar
    frances doherty Jan 11, 2012

    Hello, sorry but by them..did you mean the school?

  2. Jane Carter-Lilley avatar
    Jane Carter-Lilley Sep 19, 2012

    Hi Frances, I go back to uni on the 27th September and would like to have some work experience with you.   I am a mature student with two children - so would have to fit around my family.   I want to speak to my tutor when I get back but would like some experience either this year or next if thats okay with you.   Take a look at my website it will give you more idea of me.   Look forward to hearing from you.  (saw you at Goddington).

  3. Florencia avatar
    Florencia Oct 30, 2016

    Hello Frances,
    I´Ve seen your work at Made London. And I´m interested in doing the work experience.
    I´m a graphic designer. For the past 4 years I´ve been studying and working on clay as a second activity. Most of my work is handbuilded on stoneware and porcelain.
    I moved from argentina to east sussex and I´m setting my studio at home.
    Is that possible? Can I have more details please?
    Thamk you and I loved your work!