sculpture in situ

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  1. violette grosperrin avatar
    violette grosperrin Sep 26, 2010

    j’aime beaucoup ce que vous faites!j’habite en France près de Cognac et transmets votre website à mes amis. je suis peintre et j’ai un jardin !

  2. frances doherty avatar
    frances doherty Sep 27, 2010

    merci….vous est tres gentille. F D

  3. felicity avatar
    felicity May 8, 2011

    hey there - have not dropped past your website in a while - even better now!! am back in australia but gardenbeet is still running in the UK - please let me know if you ever show your work in melbourne -

  4. frances doherty avatar
    frances doherty May 9, 2011

    what a lovely idea..can’t imagine I’d get it in my luggage tho! Did you see from my blog that I’m in Chelsea flower show this year? How exciting is that…..